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The globalization, which is described as an interaction process of countries in many respects including economy, politics, culture, health, social life, is directly related to health. It changes the eating habits. Fast food has become a significant symbol for the modern culture as it satisfies people in a relatively short time. The majority of foods consumed are hamburger types, French fries, fried chicken, doner, pizza, cold sandwiches and so forth. In terms of nutrition, fast food includes high amounts of sodium, sugar, cholesterol and fat (especially saturated fat) but low in vitamins A and C and dietary fiber content. Consuming food outdoors increases calorie intake and creates a risk of overweight. In response to the negative impact of globalization on human life, social movements emerged by some local groups as Slow Food movement. Slow Food defends the philosophy of good, clean and fair nutrition. Healthy nutrition is important for all segments of the society. To be healthy you need to eat healthy. In this study, the trend of fast food consumption which is increasing with globalization and the slow-food movement against globalization are examined.


Globalization, fast-food, slow-food

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