Author : Funda KURAK AÇICI
Number of pages : 103-112


When considered that interior decoration design process is complex and creative and subjective process including information, sensation and imaginary world, and the student is not ready about education and family environment until coming deparrment of interior architecture; it is seen that basic design studios tranform to locations where abilities concerning creativity will appear. Targeted results in there are to discuss whether design process proceeds correctly or not, and to reveal how the students identify themselves in first experience. In this process; it is thought that they are creative or not, their creativity could develop or not and reaching to different suggestions which must be or could be in order to support their creative process of design education. Possible results are important arriving of education to good level and being a model. It will be presented with students own evaluation style that whether the results of design education, which students coming from different region and different system of education took from Karadeniz Technical University Department of Interior Architecture 1st class, will transform to edıcatory and creative process for students or not. It is believed that these results will be such as to data for the next education system in terms of students and instructives, and will have innovational role for future.


Design, Creativity, Design Education, Design Process


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