Author : Mehmet KAYA
Number of pages : 401-437


One thing is certain that employment and unemployment concepts have a particular importance for all countries but first and foremost for the developing countries. It can be seen that employment policies applied in Turkey by this time could not achieve sufficient employment/could not decrease unemployment whereas this problem became more serious by the effect of encountered crisis and sustainably came to the fore in the agenda of Turkey after 1980. Beyond doubt there are structural purposes of unemployment such as “growth rate of population and labor force”, “constraints of country in employment generation potential” as well as education/vocational training, low level of participation in labor force, inefficiency of labor force market etc. However, although the reasons in question were highlighted since 1980, policies were not developed in this direction and this problem was tried to be solved by referring to development policies but could not have been achieved. Moreover labor force market was under government monopoly all employment services were carried out through Turkish Employment İnstitution. Neo-liberal policies started to be applied right after 1980, started to decrease the intervention of the state in labor force market as well as all kinds of markets parallel to the changing role of the state in economy. During this process flexibility is observed in our country’s labor force market in order to provide compatibility of the labor force markets in competition in order to support the enterprises against globalizing competition and to decrease the labor force costs, to unloose legal regulations to the advantage of the employers in permanent employee-employer relations and providing alternatives for the employers transforming this relation into a temporary relation etc. Finding a solution for the changing demand and conditions in this market and in order to meet both parties efficiently and rapidly; private employment offices have been established which is new for in global history in order to activate this market to private sector so that to provide corporate step of the getting flexible besides reorganization of İŞKUR. Will it be possible to solve the aged problems of employment market in our country by means of this “new” method? Most importantly, will it decrease the unemployment?


employment, unemployment, flexibility, employment offices


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