Today, activation of logistic activities and preparation of long-term, alternative plans for these activities has become the processes that must be performed on behalf of the sustainability of the competitiveness of countries. The most important of these operations is the establishment of logistic bases in the strategic points of the country and the efficient operation of these bases. Turkey, linking the European and Asian continents and with its foreign trade volume, has the potential to gain the logistical quality in geographical and cultural terms. As with all countries of the world, although the country has recorded improvements in terms of logistics activities, these developments have remained below the country's potential and Turkey, in the ranking of Logistics Performance Index in 2007 was ranked 30th, however it was ranked 47th in 2018. This situation reveals the importance of logistics bases which become more and more important each year and which cause the opening between Turkey and other countries. Therefore, the strategic plans on becoming a logistics base the legislation should be activated by implementing immediately and the infrastructure should be improved. To increase the performance of the country, increasing the quality and quantity of combined transport is just one of the steps. In this study, the logistic performance of our country was evaluated and the importance of logistics bases was emphasized.


Logistics Performance Index (LPI), logistics base, combined transportation.

Author : Ali ERDOĞAN
Number of pages: 92-99
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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