The concept of sustainability, which aims to achieve optimal results with minimum uses of resources, is significant for the continuation of human lives and the natural balance. In clothing industry, sustainability encompasses the processes starting with the raw material, the manufacturing of cloth, its distribution, marketing, lifetime, and possible recycling methods used afterwards. Consequently, it is essential for clothing industry, notoriously known as the second biggest regarding the extent of its environmental damage, to prioritize sustainability. Therefore, it is particularly important that the views, attitudes and practices of clothing designers are compatible with sustainability strategies of the clothing manufacturers. Aiming to evaluate the views and practices of designers, this study has implemented assessment tools developed by the researches, to designers of 49 ready wear sector, in İstanbul and Ankara. The data was analysed through SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) and presented through charts with interpretations and further suggestions.


Fashion, Ready Wear, Clothing Industry, Designer, Sustainability

Author : Emine KOCA - Berna YILDIRIM ARTAÇ - Cantürk ÖZ
Number of pages: 26-39
Full text:
The Journal of Academic Social Sciences
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